Sex Toys for Pelvic Health

Sex Toys for Pelvic Health

Many of us know that we should be doing Kegel exercises to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, but how many of us are actually taking the time to do it? Here at The Bigger O, we have great news for you. Those boring old Kegel exercises are not boring anymore when you get our hot pelvic floor sex toys involved. But before we get down to the toys, for those of you who don’t know about the many benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor, here is a quick list of why you need to be working on this important muscle group: 

  • Better sex! Yes, really! Increasing the strength of your pelvic floor muscles can increase sexual sensation, potential for orgasms, and even the intensity of orgasms. This also works both ways. A male partner can experience a stronger orgasm as well as the muscles in this area become stronger. Still need more reasons to start your Kegel exercise routine? OK, here goes...
  • For women who have been pregnant, gone through childbirth, and experienced gynecological surgery, strengthening this area can help with recovery. 
  • Increased control for women who have bladder or bowel control issues due to childbirth, surgery, or age. It’s a lot more common than you think and it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

So, again, we know we should be doing Kegel exercises, but there are a lot of reasons why many of us aren’t. Maybe you’re not sure you’re working the right muscle, maybe you find the exercises boring… or maybe you just forget! Either way, here at The Bigger O, we have what you need to make this easy, effective, and HOT. Here’s our simple guide to help you figure out which toy is best for you. 

  1. Weighted beads: This fun way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles uses weighted silicone beads that you insert inside your vagina. When you move, the beads vibrate and naturally make your muscles tense. Pop these in and no one will ever know you’re working your pelvic floor, and it feels pretty good too! Click here to see two of our favorites.

  2. Metal balls: Similar to the weighted beads, these sleek metal balls will have your pelvic muscles toned up in no time.

  3. Kegel Ball: We love these awesome Kegel exercise balls. They come in Beginner and Advanced versions that release 12 different levels of vibrations to automatically pleasure you AND work your pelvic floor at the same time. Even better, there is a microchip inside that remembers your settings from the last time you used it so you don’t have to fumble around trying to remember what worked so well for you last time around. Plus, it’s waterproof. AMAZING.

  4. Remote control Kegel exerciser: Now, you’re going to have to use your imagination a little bit to get the most out of this fun kegel sex toy. This Kegel exerciser comes with a remote control. Why not give it to your partner and let them have control over the vibrations as you go about your “business.”

  5. Personalized Kegel exercise routine: This state of the art Kegel exercise toy tells you just when to contract your muscles and when to release. It learns your current strength level and adjusts as your pelvic floor gets stronger and stronger. You will love the results. 

Whatever toy you choose, you are going to love the results and we want to hear all about it. Let us know in the comments: What toy do you have? Which one are you getting ASAP? Leave us a comment to let us know how it goes. 

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