3 Things you think would lead to the Big O

3 Things you think would lead to the Big O

This might get awkward but... simply lasting long does not guarantee an orgasm.

For many women, achieving an orgasm can be difficult.

And what we see in mainstream media does not help at all.

It gives us a false idea on what makes sex great, and what makes a person reach climax.

Allow me to break down some of the most commonly given tips on reaching the big O:

1. Trying a new spicy position.

Listen, getting a woman to climax has nothing to do with pornographic abilities.

Most of the time you’ll just need to resort to the basic positions that target your partner’s clitoris or G-Spot (or both!)

Rear entry, woman on top, or sitting positions will help your partner reach climax than missionary.


Because it’s difficult to stimulate the clitoris in this position.

2. Lasting a long time.

While it definitely helps if you last longer than 5 minutes, sometimes, it’s not really that helpful.

If anything, it only adds more physical friction which can be uncomfy.

But delaying penetration to last longer using methods such as edging you’re prolonging the build up to orgasm which can make the bigger O feel more intense.

Which brings us to...

3. Depending on penetration alone.

Come on, guys.

By this time we should be at least aware that there is more than one way to get a woman to climax.

And penetration alone doesn’t really cut it.

Paying extra attention to your partner’s erogenous zones and clitoris are HUGE factors.

This is exactly why incorporating sex toys during sex is super beneficial.

Introducing sex toys into partnered sex can take you both into entirely new levels of pleasure.

Toys vibrate & pulse, which are foreign sensations that we don’t experience from regular standard sex.

And these sensations can help people achieve more consistent & frequent Os.

A few things to remember when introducing sex toys into partnered sex:

1. Discuss it before hand. Don’t just whip it out mid-sex!

2. Don’t force the idea of using one. It’s super important to respect your partner’s decisions and boundaries regarding this.

3. Be truly open to the idea of exploration.

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