5 Reasons to Buy Sex Toys from a Sex Shop

5 Reasons to Buy Sex Toys from a Sex Shop

You’re online shopping for something to satisfy a subtle need and you ask yourself a question. Should you buy that vibrator from a discount retailer (Box-Marts and Jungle stores, if you will), or do you buy it from a sex shop like The Bigger O? Admittedly, I am biased when I say, you should buy from us – but I have some good reasons.



1. When you buy from a sex shop, you’re buying from experts

Specialty shops are called specialty shops for a reason. We focus on a niche – in our case sex toys. We research them. We create relationships with manufacturers. We build communities with other people in and around the sex industry – sex workers, medical professionals, and sex therapists. We share knowledge and build our expertise on understanding human sexuality and pleasure. Your questions about sex toys that might seem novel to you – they’re the very things we have experience with, and we can answer them, no matter how shy you might be to ask.


2. Sex shops offer the real deal when it comes to sex toys

Have you ever seen listings on websites like “Gucci-like Handbag” or “Sneakers, like Nike”? You won’t find that here. When you purchase sex toys at The Bigger O, you’re guaranteed to get not just the toy you ordered, but the toy you intended to buy. We don’t offer a panty vibe “like the VeDO Niki.” We have the VeDo Nikki and hundreds of other, original sex toys from trusted, quality manufacturers like Satisfyer, Lelo, Bondage Couture, and Icicles. You don’t have to search through discount knockoffs to find the toy you want.

Sex shops offer better varieties of specialty sex toys as well. If you’re looking for body-safe sex toys, for example, you may only find a few reputable varieties through large-scale retail sits. Because sex shops specialize in sex toys, we offer a wide variety of all styles of body-safe sex toys. Importantly, when you’re purchasing something like glass toys, when you purchase from a sex shop, you are more likely to find the right kind – durable, body-safe, and chip-resistant.

We also make it easy to find what you want. You don’t have to shop through euphemisms that have to be safe for wide audiences. Anal plugs are anal plugs. Dildos are dildos. You don’t have to search through a thousand massagers, hoping some of them are sex toys, trying to find a clit stimulator. We have a whole section just devoted to the clit.


 3. You know you’re getting brand new sex toys

Sex toys are personal, intimate items. Rule number one of sex toy use – well, number two after keeping your sex toys clean – is Do Not Share Your Sex Toys. Every person’s body is unique and different. Sharing sex toys can lead to infections because our bodies are not the same. Yes, even two different vaginas are going to have different flora and their own specific pH balance that keeps them healthy. And yes, even if you clean your vibrator every time – cleaning is healthy, but never microscopically perfect.

That’s why it is so important to make sure that the sex toy you purchase really is brand new. Every toy The Bigger O sells is brand new, in its original box. I know from experience, though, that can’t be said for large-scale discount retailers. Even when they have policies against returning sex toys, those policies aren’t foolproof. It’s the danger of the euphemistic listings that I talked about before. Large-scale retailers don’t always know when a euphemistic listing is really a sex toy and returns that shouldn’t happen can slip through the cracks only to end up on your doorstep.


4. When you purchase sex toys from The Bigger O, you’re supporting a woman-owned inclusive business

I am proud of The Bigger O and what we represent in the industry – an inclusive store that welcomes all genders and focuses on the joy of sexual expression. In the past few decades, we have seen more and more women rise to prominence in the sex industry, taking on roles as advocates and leaders. It is important to always support women-owned businesses, and I strive every day to be one you can be proud to shop with. I offer quality products that everyone can enjoy, regardless of gender, if they are shopping for themselves, or have one or multiple partners.


What are the advantages of shopping with a woman-owned inclusive sex shop? Well …


5. You have the expertise that I can bring as a woman 

I have shopped at sex shops run by both men and women. They are not the same, but I did not know that until I found my first woman-owned sex shop. When I walked in the door, she immediately made me feel at ease. She was conversational and had created a warm, welcoming atmosphere in her store. She also answered every question that I had about the items in her shop. That experience I had in her store is the kind of experience I strive to create online.

It is not just about what the site looks like or what language that I use when I talk about products. It is also about what I know. When I say she was able to answer my questions, I mean she could answer all of them. She understood questions I had about my own body and how certain sex toys would feel. She also understood the questions I had about how I should use sex toys with my partner. I had a very specific way that I looked at my body and sex with my partner, and it felt good that someone understood me.

That experience of someone understanding my needs and my hesitations stuck with me. That experience informs my approach to The Bigger O and creating an inclusive sex shop.

I gave you my reasons to shop with The Bigger O. If something else brought you here, I would be interested in hearing more. Feel free to leave me a comment and if you have questions about something that I offer here, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have expertise to share.

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