5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Make Great Holiday Gifts

5 Reasons Why Sex Toys Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love the holiday season. There are so many holidays in the winter centered around family, tradition, generosity, and love that it’s hard not to get caught up in the spirit. Whether you’re a religious person or just enjoy the social and family aspect of various holidays, the song is right. It’s a wonderful time.

At The Bigger O, we are all about sharing in that holiday spirit. But what, you might ask, would draw someone to purchase sex toys for the holidays? They’re such private – maybe even dare I say taboo things.

Obviously, I’m going to shatter that taboo for you and offer you five simple reasons why sex toys make great holiday gifts for a friend or someone special in your life.

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1. Sex toys are a wonderful ways to enhance your sex life together

So many couples have found sex toys to be a wonderful way to enhance their sex life. From cock rings to clitoral stimulators to anal beads to strap-ons and more, The Bigger O offers a wide variety of the best sex toys suitable for couples of all genders (and more than couples) to express their sexuality and enjoy sexy time together.


2. Sex toys can be good for your mental and physical health

Masturbation is a healthy way to express your sexuality. It is a mode of self-discovery. It is a way to explore sexual fantasies. Masturbation produces lots of good brain chemicals that can improve mood and overall health. You can also use masturbation time to help strengthen pelvic muscles (the Kegels) to improve your physical health and sex life.


3. A sex toy in the stocking is great self-care

Who doesn’t like a gift from Santa? Yes, we’re grown up. But I hear that Santa has a special part of his shop just for adults, and that’s where you’ll find elves making the most delightful vibrators, strap-ons, kinky toys, and more. The benefits that I described for buying a sex toy for your friend or partner … that goes for buying it for yourself too. If we’ve learned one thing over the past couple of years, it is how important self-care is. So, take care of yourself mentally, physically, and sexually.


 4. A sex toy is a great way to show someone you respect their sexuality and private time

Respect is an important part of any relationship, be it a friendship or a romantic partnership. We have lots of ways to show respect and for sex-positive people, a demonstration that a person’s sexuality and sexual expression are valid is a huge sign of respect. Getting a sex toy for a friend shows that yes, you recognize they enjoy things and they do so privately. Getting a sex toy for a partner shows them that you respect that sometimes, they need alone time for their sexual expression – and that you support that important time.


5. Sex toys are just fun – and isn’t that what gifts should be?

When you were a kid and got that awesome toy that you wanted so badly – did your parents or Santa get it because it was supposed to do something specific for you as a person? Probably not. The gifts we remember most from growing up are the gifts that we just had fun with. Because toys at the end of the day are just fun. That doesn’t change just because we and our toys have grown up. Sex toys are fun and there’s no greater gift you can give a friend or partner than something they will enjoy.

So, there you have it. Five simple reasons why you should get a sex toy for someone you care about this holiday season. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping. We have our pick of 22 of our sex toys you can get as holiday gifts if you need ideas. If you have any questions, our dedicated staff are here for you.

And have a happy and sexy Holiday Season.


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