Healthy boundaries: What does it look like?

Healthy boundaries: What does it look like?

Do you want to hear a secret?

It’s completely normal to be vocal to your partner when you don’t like what they’re doing to you in bed.

It’s called "boundaries" and it means that you are openly communicating with your partner exactly what you are and are not comfortable with.

It also means giving your partner space to set their own boundaries, and respecting whatever decisions you both made.

Healthy sexual boundaries look like:

1. Being able to openly discuss and understand your sexual preferences, limits, and desires.

2. Knowing each other’s physical and verbal cues to stop.

3. Respecting each other’s choices and decisions both inside and outside the bedroom.

How healthy sexual boundaries sound like:

1. “I don’t like how that feels. Can we try something else, instead?”

2. “I’m not having sex without a condom.”

3. “I’m not into the idea of experimenting with…” (a position, style, preferences, etc.)

4. “I would like us to get both tested being being intimate.”

5. “I’m comfortable with the idea of experimenting with...” (a position, style, preferences, etc.)

6. ”I love using sex toys. Is this something you’re open to using together?”

Always remember, it’s important to COMMUNICATE. Be clear when you state your intentions and expectations.

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