How to charge your sex toys properly

How to charge your sex toys properly

This might get awkward... but did you know that there’s a proper way to charge your sex toys?

So, recently, a friend of mine came to me asking if there’s a way for me to help her fix her vibrator

The first thing I asked was if she charged it, and she said yes, but it never turned back on.

She told me she used a random charger from her other toys that fit the port and it did not work even when she charged it overnight.

Immediately siren sounds rang in my head.

Look, I’m not overreacting.

It’s actually going to either completely break the toy or become a fire hazard.

In case you don't know:

Nearly all rechargeable adult toys in the market contain Lithium ion batteries similar to what you’ll find in your laptop only a lot smaller.

These types of batteries are sensitive to lengthy charging and extreme temperature.

It’s inherently flammable.

What commonly causes a toy to break?

Leaving your vibe plugged in overnight, or for an entire weekend. (Please don’t ever do this!)

Using the wrong charger, or randomly using another toy’s charger.

Here are the best practices for charging your favorite toy:

1. Fully charge your pleasure toy before using for the first time.

2. A full charge should take about 2 hours (about 4 hours for larger wand-types.)

3. Your device’s lights should blink while charging and the lights should stop blinking (but remain ON) once fully charged

4. Do not turn on pleasure toy while it is plugged in and charging.

5. Do not recharge your pleasure toy until it batteries are low or dead

6. Always make sure your pleasure object is turned completely off before storing.

Another way to help you have a toy with a longer lifespan is to get a toy that has a battery indicator.

Having a toy’s battery die on you mid-use is an annoyance — having it quit on you altogether is a nightmare!

So make sure you’re taking good care of your toys & their batteries.

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