How to Talk About Lube and Toys with Your Partner

How to Talk About Lube and Toys with Your Partner

Did you know that a research study found that 90% of participants reported increased pleasure and satisfaction when using lube and pleasure toys?

Despite this evidence, many of us still hesitate to discuss and incorporate these items into our intimate experiences.

In this blog post, we're on a mission to challenge the stigma surrounding lube and pleasure toys and provide you with four helpful tips to start a conversation about them with your partner.

Let's break down the barriers and open up a world of pleasure and exploration together!


1. Don't Hesitate to Ask

Initiating a conversation about your thoughts on using lube and pleasure toys can be a game-changer. By expressing your interest and curiosity, you challenge misconceptions and validate the appeal of these items. Remember, communication is key!


2. Offer a Visual Representation

Sometimes, showing can be more powerful than telling. Consider introducing lube and sex toys by visually representing them. This can be done through online browsing, sharing images or videos, or even visiting a store together. The act of discussing physical objects can make the conversation flow more smoothly and encourage your partner to ask questions.


3. Find Humor in the Discussion

Approach the conversation with a lighthearted and affectionate attitude. By infusing humor into your dialogue about lube and toys, you create a relaxed atmosphere that allows your partner(s) to feel more at ease. Laughter can help dismantle any lingering discomfort or apprehension.

4. Express Your Thoughts through Texts

If talking about introducing lube and toys feels more comfortable via text messaging, go for it! Some people find it easier to express their thoughts and desires in written form. Texting can also allow both partners to reflect on the topic and respond at their own pace.




Talking openly and honestly about using lube and pleasure toys is essential for embracing pleasure, exploration, and a fulfilling secksual journey.

By applying these four tips - asking, offering visuals, finding humor, and using texts - you can initiate a productive and respectful conversation with your partner.

Remember, it's about finding common ground, respecting each other's views and choices, and creating a space where both partners feel comfortable and empowered. 

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