Masturbation Positions

Masturbation Positions

You won’t believe this...

But people who masturbate typically stick to one single position.

But did you know that trying new positions and techniques can help you discover new ways to feel pleasure?

That's right!

Reignite the flames of passionate self-love in your self-pleasure sessions with these positions:


Doggy style

Who says doggy style is only for rear end penetration with a partner?

This is a stimulating position for solo play as it gives you the best access to your clitoris or your anus if you're feeling up for it.


On your stomach

Masturbating flat on your stomach is an excellent way to induce an active orgasm because it encourages your hips to hump or grind against your hand (or secks toy).

It's also an ideal position for those who enjoy clitoral stimulation!



If you feel confident in your lower body strength, this is a great position to try.

It opens up your vaginal canal for deep penetration and activates your muscles for a big O.



This relaxed position gives you better access to your genitals.

Making it great for internal stimulation and giving some love to the g-spot.


On your back

Probably the easiest and most common position.

It allows you to relax your muscles and access your pleasure spots easily.

To take this basic position to another level, consider experimenting with different positions for your legs.



This is probably one of the most active self-pleasure positions.

Try dry humping in this position as it offers amazing stimulation for the clitoral hood and labia.

Go on and straddle a pillow with your favorite vibe to enjoy this position more.


Lotus style

This is for those who have more limber legs and hips.

This position does not only make your pleasure spots accessible but it also helps bring a healthy tension to your pelvic floor muscles which can help make Os feel ten times better.
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