Nightmare Sex Tips

Nightmare Sex Tips

Everyone’s heard bad sex tips before, but these are just awful.

So, I’ve been going through some social networking sites recently, and I found a community where people are sharing really bad advice they’ve gotten when it comes to sex.

I’ve read far too much advice and to say that I’m mind blown by some of them is an understatement.

Here are the two most bizarre advices I’ve come across with:


“Bite the clit.”

Please, DON’T.

Just don’t.

Unless someone requests it, don’t bite anything, especially not genitalia. You’re not only risking the other person’s mutilation, but countless lists of possible infections.


“Vape juice is a great lube substitute.”

No. No… it is not.

We’re in the day and age of having information literally at the tip of our fingers and same-day deliveries. How hard is it to get an actual lube to use during sexy time?


Special mention:

“Never make the first move. Or the second. Or the third. Your partner or potential partner will think you’re desperate.”

This is a common “piece of advice” for women since we are often told of the age-old taboo that the worst thing they can be is someone who wants sex.


What’s the worst sex advice you’ve ever heard?

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