Performance vs. Pleasure: Is Sex a Marathon?

Performance vs. Pleasure: Is Sex a Marathon?

If you think sex has to have a goal, it should be pleasure—not orgasm. 

Contrary to how sex is portrayed in pop-culture, sex doesn’t have a “finish line”. It’s not the New York Marathon. 

Sadly, a lot of people see sex as a marathon, and orgasm as its “finish line”. The problem with this thinking is that it sets the bars so high when it comes to having “great sex” and climaxing being its indicator. And it shouldn’t! 

Okay, look. I know that the majority of orgasms are pleasurable, but you also have to understand that not all orgasms are.

Forced orgasms and painful orgasms exist.

Forced orgasms are part of the consensual practice of a Dominant “making” their submissive orgasm.

While painful orgasms, mostly, are from a condition called dysorgasmia. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds: orgasms that cause actual physical pain.

Some people can’t even reach orgasm, mostly because of the state of their mental health. And that’s okay.

Orgasms should not define how good or bad the sex was. 

So, you’re probably wondering now: what’s the difference between pleasure and orgasm? 🤔

If we’re going to be more technical, orgasms are simply a specific moment during sex where there’s a “release of tension” and energy, muscle contractions in the genital region along with elevated heart rate. 

Pleasure, however, is less about the “destination” or the “finish line”. It is instead about the entire journey. The emotional and physical intimacy melding together to make a pleasurable experience. 

Do you feel the same way?

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