Why mutual masturbation is GREAT for couples

Why mutual masturbation is GREAT for couples

Want to hear the best advice I’ve been given?

Masturbate with your partner.

Why not?

Two hands and a toy (or toys!) are ALWAYS better than one.

We all know that masturbating in general has its own set of benefits. And mutual masturbation can really spark up all kinds of new erotic energy in your relationship.

It is also a new great way to explore a new type of sexual play together, whether you’re near or far from each other.

Here are some benefits of masturbating with your partner:

1. Helps you learn how to pleasure your partner.

Masturbating together, whether that’s online or side by side, you get to show your partner what feels pleasurable for your body. It’s like teaching your partner through action rather than through words.

2. Zero risk of STI transmission.

Mutual masturbation is an incredibly safe sexual practice that does not only provide an opportunity for pleasure and exploration, but also keeps you away from getting an STI.

3. A perfect way to compromise when partners’ libidos aren’t in sync.

There will likely come a time when you or your partner aren’t really in the mood to get hot and heavy. In those instances, mutual masturbation makes a pleasurable compromise.

Key things to remember is that, whether you’re doing it in person or virtually:

✔ Maintain open communication.
✔ Keep eye-contact.
✔ Include accessories and segz toys.
✔ Don’t be afraid to make pleasurable sounds.

Masturbation, whether solo or mutual, is great for anyone.

Mutual masturbation is an incredibly intimate activity that lets you connect with your partner in a whole new way.

Personally, I believe that mutual masturbation can benefit anyone who is open and consenting to the pleasurable experience.
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